All good physicians started off with a story behind what drove them to want to learn the necessary skills to heal others. Dr. Gierbolini has been no exception to the trend. Early on in his youth, while competing on the high school wrestling team, he suffered a severe back injury resulting in the inability to continue participating in the sport he loved. His quality of life had changed for the worst and to make matters worst, his back was in constant pain. It wasn’t before a period of persistent pain that a relative finally referred him to a local chiropractor who, through a series of visits and adjustments, gave him his life back. Dr. Gierbolini was healed and out of the experience came a growing desire to help others conquer their pain through chiropractic medicine.

Tomoka Family Chiropractic and Dr. Gierbolini help to serve the community through traditional chiropractic care. We help to restore and keep the body performing at its greatest potential.

After years of education, Dr. Gierbolini decided to partner up with other veteran chiropractors and gain the knowledge and experience he would need to eventually use in his own practice. After countless procedures and adjustments, he knew that it was time to branch out on his own. He opened his new practice right here in Ormond Beach to deliver on the passion that he developed when he was younger and to put his years of experience to work. He stands ready to help anyone, from infants to elders, get the treatment they need.

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