Have you ever been sitting at your desk, trying to finish your daily work routines when suddenly, a wave of fatigue washes over you? Right after lunchtime? We know this as the three o’clock slump. This feeling causes you to avoid work at all costs and feel unhappy. Our natural sleep cycle causes this dreadful fatigue because it wants our body to take a nap in the afternoon. We wake up early for work, and around 2-3pm our body naturally expects us to rest. While your bodies internal clock is telling you “SLEEP NOW!”, your work schedule is telling you “KEEP GOING.”


You would think an energy drink will give you the boost you need. Wrong. Energy drinks provide short-lived energy followed by jitters and a harsh crash that don’t help solve your problem of fatigue. Fortunately, Vasayo is revitalizing your performance throughout the day with the new MicroLife Energy. The gel contains natural ingredients that give you the energy you need to finish conquering your day! Don’t continue to fight the three o’clock slump, use Vasayo’s nutritional and say goodbye to fatigue. Find out more information about MicroLife Energy here.

Nancy, a brand partner of Vasayo, asked her frequent consumers for a review, here’s what they had to say-

“I thought it was fantastic, I had an instant response. I had a long day, and before I knew it I was through the day and had no jitters. Just a fantastic product, very happy!” – Terry

Nancy has been a part of Vasayo for a while now. She likes helping people like you feel better about themselves. Connect with her to learn about other fantastic Vasayo nutritionals such as the MicroLife Sleep.

For better sleep, better health, and a better life.